Sunday.  Is it your favourite day of the week?  Is your Sunday a coffee, croissants and reading the paper type of day?  Or is it a mad type of day cleaning/running around catching up on things/being taxi to your kids/watching sport on the tele day; or perhaps it’s a catch up on sleep type of Sunday?

Three years ago, today, my Sunday was a catch up on sleep type of day.  This was because I spent all night walking a marathon 26.2 miles in and around the beautiful city of Edinburgh on the annual Moon Walk here (which was going on last night).  To complete a marathon was one big fat red tick from my bucket list I thought would never be ticked!  I say red because that was the colour of my Wonder Woman cape I wore that night.  That was three years ago, but more recently, actually just 7 days ago, I achieved another massive multi-coloured tick off my bucket list by launching my photography website which you are currently on!

Why am I telling you this? Well my Sunday challenge to you is to take a moment and think about whether you have been able to give a tick to any bucket list item that you have or if you have one you really want to achieve soon.  Then click back over to my Facebook page to write a comment and share it with me.

I’ll give you a helping hand. For example, my friend Caroline Williams (aka Fildes) has had her book published this year.  You can buy it here .  My name can be found towards the back of her book so I thought I would put her name on my blog.

Then there is another friend, Jonathan Gilbert, who three years ago turned his hobby into a full time, very successful business .  He also has a Facebook page for this business, which I took the profile photo for!

Finally, my friend Katharine Wellner is going to be able to give a tick to one of her bucket list entries this summer as she will be mountain biking in the Alps, something she definitely didn’t think she would be ticking off her list anytime soon.

Achieving something on your bucket list is possible, I hope I’ve demonstrated that. I really look forward to reading your comments over on my Facebook photography page .  Thank you for sharing.



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