Do you like beautiful architecture, thought provoking photos and finding out more about hidden gems?  In this 2-minute article I take you with me on my journey to see inside this stunning building in Edinburgh.



From the moment you see the McEwen Hall you know it’s not going to disappoint.

The outside curves, arches and pillars afford you a brief glimpse into what you can expect to discover within.  The building is a D shape, with just the one straight wall, topped with a magnificent domed roof.



Whichever of the 3 entrances you walk in from, your breath is momentarily taken from you as the majesty and opulence of the room floods your senses.

Where to begin….first to the stage on the only straight wall of the building.  This is where the organ pipes reside.  There is also reported to be a painting of William McEwen, the man whom the building is named after, within the artwork on one side.

Looking out from the stage you see the building’s exterior curves and pillars are beautifully echoed, forming the arc of the two floored auditorium.  Imagine sitting on the stage, being at the centre of all those pairs of eyes upon you; though there are many visual distractions for the seated guest!



Your neck quickly gravitates backwards to marvel at the spectacular ceiling.  There are thirteen round windows – an odd number in more ways than one – and fifteen charmingly painted characters to fill the wondering eye.  Another point of note is that the characters all face the stage rather than the audience.

The modern upgrade, costing a reputed £35 million (that finished in 2017) allows for some neat touches.  The windows can be switched between blue or clear, changing the tone and ambience of the room.



I was lucky enough to see inside this spectacular Grade A listed Edinburgh architectural gem thanks to the Open Doors Day, which takes place every September.  A free opportunity to see inside buildings and structures that give photographers like me a wonderful excuse to go out and enjoy capturing new and exciting places.

If you ever get the opportunity to go inside, I really would encourage your visit.

Thanks for reading.


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