Welcome to my Architecture portfolio page. I love to see design and beauty within Architecture along with symmetry and style. 

I’m lucky enough to live in Edinburgh.  The city has such amazing structures I hope you can see that within the shots I have added to this collection. 

I have included a photomontage of my Alphabet Project.  I undertook this over the summer of 2017 where I gave myself the challenge to find each letter of the alphabet within the everyday world.  Some letters were certainly much harder to find than others!  If you would like to see the descriptions that go with each letter, please head over to my Facebook page where you can see each shot individually at facebook.com/cateblythphotography/. 

There are a number of reflection photographs included in this Architecture portfolio.  I love to see the mirror reflections, be it from the sky, a body of water or even from windows, I think it adds a different dimension to the photo.

So, will these photographs make you stop and contemplate?  

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