Hello and welcome to my photography website. My name is Cate and my passion is to create photographs that make an impression.  You will find examples of my work in the following portfolios: 

I find photography lets me express what perhaps in words is harder to say.  My eyes are my lens as I am always on the look out for that next shot. My aim is to take the shots that people don’t necessarily see.  I look for composition, style and what catches my eye.  It’s about appreciating the world around us, the design both natural and man-made and of creating memorable images.  

As Ferris Bueller once famously said “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”!

Another way to view my work is to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  I keep both pages updated with new photos and I would love your involvement, so please do follow me at facebook.com/cateblythphotography/ and www.instagram.com/cateblythphotography/.

If my style is something you would be interested in finding out more about please do get in touch via my Contact page. I would be happy to discuss any projects that we could work on together.



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